Hi!  I am Joanna and I am a newborn, children and family photographer in Columbus , Ohio.  My passion for photography began when I became a Mom eight years ago. I remember when I first was pregnant with my son, my husband and I had a discussion if we should buy a "nice camera" or a  video camera.   Eight years ago all the phones didn't have all the good video cameras like they do now.  I chose the video camera and we rarely used it!  I had a small point and shoot camera that I used ALL the time.  Fifteen months after my son was born,  my daughter came into this world, I decided I wanted a nice camera so I purchased my 1st DSLR in 2009! It was a beginner camera, a Canon Rebel T2i!   I assumed that buying a "nice camera" would automatically make my photos look professional.  That was definitely not the case.  So, I took a class on how to use my camera and it's settings.  After the class, I realized again that even though I knew how to take pictures they still didn't look professional.  So, I played with an editing program called Lightroom.  I would ask photographers for advice and the #1 advice they gave me was PRACTICE.  After several years of practicing on my kids, mentoring sessions, online training, Photoshop classes AND an upgraded camera and lenses, I can proudly call myself a professional photographer!

I loved capturing and documenting every milestone with my children.  From when they were tiny little newborns, capturing their little details.  To their smiling stage, belly time, sitting up stage, starting to crawl and walking!   It's amazing how quickly the years go by and one way to preserve those memories are by photos.  Looking back at my childhood, I only remember getting one family photo taken by a professional photographer.  I wished my family invested into more professional photos as my children and I enjoy looking at old photos of me, my siblings and my parents. It's neat to see not only what we looked like so young, but what the fashion of that era was, the type of hairstyles we had, the location of where we took the photos.   These photos bring back those special memories and times in your life and it's such a great investment as photos will always last a lifetime!

Some fun facts about me:

  • I LOVE babies!  When I was a little girl I always played with baby dolls and treated my Cabbage Patch kids like they were my real children!   Whenever I saw a baby I really want to ask the mother of the baby if I could hold her baby.  I remember feeling so much joy when holding babies and I still get that that same feeling now!
  •  I'm a foodie and I love to try new foods and eat at new restaurants. 
  • Even though I'm Italian, I hate coffee and gave up soda recently so I don't get any caffeine in me!
  • I have a bad addiction to watching all the Real Housewives, my favorites are New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Orange County, and New York.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling. 

I would love the opportunity to capture your newborn, child/ren, and/or family!  I have photographed families in all of Central Ohio including Upper Arlington, Grandview, Hilliard, Dublin, Lewis Center, Powell, Westerville, New Albany, Gahanna and more! Please feel free to contact me via email: joanna@joannaandresphotography.com or by phone 614-306-4306.