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March 20, 2018  •  3 Comments

Several weeks ago I was on Facebook and noticed a posting on The Powell Buy Sell Trade Site from Amy Brinkman in search of Baby Clothes to donate to a grandmother, Tyra Mattox, who was caring for her grandson. This is what she posted:


"Many of you probably heard the story of a young expecting couple who were murdered in Columbus last month, but by the grace of god the unborn child survived. He is finally out of NICU and being cared for by his grandparents. His grandmother worked with me at Morgan Stanley. Obviously they were not prepared at all and are in desperate need of clothes. Due to his GI tube they need to be button up sleepers size newborn currently, but they have nothing for the next sizes up.  To tell you all about Tyra, grandma, she is an amazing woman, and is staying so positive through all of this. I’ve never heard her say “poor me” or “why me”, she is looking at this as a gift from god and knows he chose her to be in this situation because she can handle it. She is just as inspirational as the baby is, and I wish I could have a fraction of the faith and optimism that she does."  


My heart just broke for this baby and his grandmother who just lost her daughter so tragically.  I was so happy to see the overwhelming responses of women offering all kinds of donations, clothes, strollers, car seats, diapers, formula, gift cards, etc.   I wanted to donate something, too.  I decided I wanted to gift her a newborn session.  

When I spoke with Tyra, she was so grateful for this gift. She said her daughter, Marlazia and the baby's father, Keith, were both so excited about bringing a baby into this world.  They wanted to name him Markeith which was a combination of their names.  I asked Tyra, if she wanted me to incorporate anything sentimental into the session.  She said that Marlazia's nick name was Tweety Bird.  Her Aunt Sue began calling her that when she was a child because she had such long skinny legs.  The family had gifted Marlazia with a Tweety Bird blanket for the baby and we incorporated it into one of the shots.  

Baby Markeith was 61 days new when I captured him.  Typically, I do newborn sessions when they are 5-14 days new.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to pose Markeith because he was out of that newborn stage and he had a feeding tube.  I mostly did wrapped shots to keep him comfortable.  At the end of the session, I tried one pose and he did great!  I added the angel wings to symbolize his parents who will now be his guardian angels watching over him.


  Thank you for allowing me to capture this miracle baby.  I know he still has a long road ahead since he was without oxygen for some time before rescuers were able to bring him into this world.  Many thoughts and prayers to him and his family as they continue to fight to overcome the struggles resulting from this tragic event. May Markeith continue growing into that happy and healthy boy his parents were so excited for him to become.   


Baby Markeith wrapped in Browns with a Teddy Bear BonnetBaby Markeith wrapped in Browns with a Teddy Bear Bonnet Close Up of Baby BoyClose Up of Baby Boy Baby Boy holding a Puppy Dog LoveyBaby Boy holding a Puppy Dog Lovey Baby Boy wrapped in Browns holding a teddy bearBaby Boy wrapped in Browns holding a teddy bear Baby Boy close up holding a teddy loveyBaby Boy close up holding a teddy lovey Baby Boy with Angel Wings on a Tweety Bird BlanketBaby Boy with Angel Wings on a Tweety Bird Blanket Baby Boy with Angel wingsBaby Boy with Angel wings Baby Boy with Angel WingsBaby Boy with Angel Wings Close up of Baby BoyClose up of Baby Boy Baby Boy Bum UpBaby Boy Bum Up Below is a news article regarding the tragedy of Markeith's parents:

Click Here to read the news article

Feel free to comment and send your wishes to Tyra, Markeith and the rest of his family in the comments. 

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Yvonne M.(non-registered)
He is so beautiful. Oh my gosh,true gift from God. I also worked with Tyra at Morgan Stanley. She is a wonderful person. Praying your continued strength and trust in the Lord.
Tyra Mattox(non-registered)
I would like to thank Joanna for such a wonderful gift. When me and my family went to studio she made us feel so comfortable. She handled my grandson so gently that I could tell this is her passion. Please keep up the continuous prayers for Markeith!
Erin Tremaine(non-registered)
What a sweet angel! These are so precious!
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