January 28 , 2018

Baby Eveleyn at 39 Days New|Newborn Photographer Grove City Ohio|

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I typically take newborn portraits when babies are 5-14 days new, give or take a few days.  The older the babies are the more challenging it is to pose babies.  I got a call from sweet little Evelyn’s grandpa, from Grove City, that he wanted to gift a session for his daughter.  I knew the family since one of their younger daughters cheers with Olivia (my daughter) at Rock Solid Academy and are on the same competitive cheer team.  I couldn’t say no to them, even though I knew it would be a little challenging and that I wouldn’t be able to get all the normal poses that I usually do for a newborn session since Evelyn was already 39 days old.  We definitely would be doing more wrapped shots in props than posed shots. They understood and we did the session. I have to say that this session went great!  Evelyn was a little fussy at first and we struggled getting her fingers to relax a bit but after some time and patience we were able to get some great shots for them.  

I was in awe of Evelyn’s big sister, Bella.  She was so sweet, smart and patient. I loved that she asked me so many great questions and she was so very cooperative.  She had the most beautiful long hair with soft curls at the end.  I knew I had to get some shots of her while her sister was getting a snack.  She was the sweetest thing.  This family has such a huge and giving heart. I loved their story and felt good after the session knowing that there are such good people in this world.    

Thank you for choosing me to capture this special time.  I never had a viewing/ordering appointment with so many people but it was so fun getting everyone’s reactions.  I’m so happy they loved all the images and I can’t wait to put all their orders together for them to cherish.  

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