October 24 , 2018

Baby Markeith Little Angel

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Nine months ago, I contacted Markeith’s Grandmother, Tyra,as I offered to take his newborn photos as a gift when I heard about the tragic incident with his parents. They were both murdered – Markeith was still in the womb when his Mom was shot in the abdomen. It’s a miracle that he’s alive. When I first met with the family, they didn’t know if Markeith would be able to do all the things a normal child could do. I recently contacted Tyra and she told me that he’s doing great! He’s hitting all of his 9 month milestones physically. He’s sitting up, crawling, smiling. He’s such a great baby, too. He still has his feeding tubes and goes to physical therapy. My heart goes out to this family as they have had so many hardships with not only losing their daughter and son, but having to take care of Markeith in addition to working and taking him to the doctors frequently for therapy, etc. It amazes me how positive Tyra is, she is always so pleasant and has such a great attitude. She told me her daughter’s are a huge help and take care of Markeith when she’s working. This family has stuck together and are loving Markeith so much. I’m so glad I reached out so I can could see this sweet angel again. He’s doing amazing and is such a great baby. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to this sweet family.

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