August 25 , 2022

Get Your Creative Work Discovered With These Strategic Steps

Joanna Andres

Joanna Andres

How do you get discovered in a sea of creative competition? As someone who spends a great deal of time putting their art out into the world, it can be challenging to also be business-minded; however, that’s exactly what it takes to market yourself and promote your work to people who can help boost your career. Making a living doing something you love doesn’t have to be a far-off dream, but it does take some organization and the ability to promote yourself through the right channels, from social media to traditional advertising methods. It’s also important to consider all the outcomes, even the negative ones.

Here are a few tips on how to start treating your creative output as a business so you can get discovered:

Promote your work on social media

The power of social media is clear when it’s used for promotion, which is why it’s such a popular tool for creatives from all walks of life. Whether you’re a photographer, visual artist, or recording artist, creating ads and sharing images or videos of your work online is a great way to get noticed. Fortunately, most social media platforms offer several options when it comes to advertising, and you don’t have to hire an expensive designer or marketing firm to create an eye-catching ad; for instance, using a Facebook ad template will allow you to easily add custom details, from different color combinations to your logo and other branding, and then download it once it’s finished.

Give yourself a great workspace

No matter what kind of creative you are, it’s important to have a workspace that allows you to keep your tools organized and get things done without distraction. Consider setting up an area of your own by creating a multi-purpose room in your home where you can leave works-in-progress set up and keep your supplies safe. This can be an actual room, or it might work best in a small shed in the backyard. For creatives who focus on photography, sheds are perfect spots to set up backdrops and keep props handy. Keep receipts and other important info on any updates you make to your home so that if you decide to sell down the road, you can include those updates in the appraisal and possibly secure a higher sale price.

Turn your passion into a business

Once you have the perfect workspace for your creative output, it’s time to think about turning it all into a business. This is a great way to gain exposure since you can create a stellar business website and social media pages and even an e-commerce site that will help you sell your creations. Read up on the legalities of starting a business in your city, register a memorable name, acquire a business license, and consider forming an LLC. A limited liability company can help protect your assets and will provide tax benefits as well, but it requires a few steps to build, so check the rules in your state before hiring a formation service to file the paperwork.

Network with other artists

Whether you want to find more photography gigs or get more eyes on your paintings, networking with other artists and supporting them is crucial in building your brand and getting your name out there. Making these connections can help you find more customers or clients, but it can also help you grow as a professional creative. You might start by looking for local creative opportunities or events, or joining a collective with other artists. Try looking on social media for groups, and consider collaborating with someone whose interests merge with yours.

Learning how to market yourself and your work as a creative can take some time, but with the right social media tools and a bit of networking, you can start making connections and have your work seen by people who can help you make a living out of doing what you love.

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